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MICROSTOCK, INC. is a stocking, franchised distributor for the following ISO 9000 companies and products:


Coaxial Connectors - Wide Range of US & European Series

Coaxial Adapters - Standard & Precision

Cable Assemblies - RF & Microwave to 50 GHz

Fiber Optic Connectors - LX.5, LC, MU, LSH (E-2000TM), SC, FCPC, LSA (DIN), ST-LEAN, ST-HQ, ST-SEC, MT-RJ, FSMA

Fiber Optic Cables - Multi-Fiber Jellyfree Loose Tube for Indoor and Outdoor Ussage (Standard Fibers: E9/125, G50/125, G62.5/125, G50/125-OM3, H200/230)

Fiber Optic Cable Assemblies - Make to Order

Coaxial RF Cables - Flexible RG & Custom Made Cables

Attenuators & Terminations - Standard & Precision

Surge Protectors - Lightning & EMP Arrestors

Planar Antennas - for Wireless Communications

Tools & Accessories  - for Connector installation            



Widest range of Semi-Rigid Cables - .013" to .500" diameter

Cable Assemblies - RF & Microwave to 50 GHz

Coaxial Delay Lines


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