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Suhner and SRI Connector Gage Company            Coaxial Connector/Adapter Availability from MICROSTOCK, INC.

Many standard series of Coaxial Connectors for Semi-Rigid & Flexible Coaxial Cables as well as Printed Circuit Boards (PCB), Stripline, Microstrip and chassis mounting are available for immediate delivery from our West Point inventory. Also available are between series and in series Adapters.

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Suhner Part Numbering System

Please take a moment before visiting our Connector Inventory Listings to familiarize yourself with the Suhner part numbering codes in the drop-down menus below, as they will automatically answer many frequently asked questions about connector series, pattern, impedances and suitable cable sizes.

       P/N: [ww][XXXX]-[yy]-[z]-[ ]




[z]= Dielectric Diameter to nearest millimeter

[ ]= Continuous Specific Variations

Example:  P/N  11 SMA-50-3-65

        WW = 11 = Straight Cable Plug pattern

        XXXX = SMA = SMA Series

        YY = 50 = 50 ohm Impedance

        Z = 3 = nominal cable dielectric diameter (mm)

        [ ] = 65 = variation for UT-141A Semi-Rigid Cable

If you prefer to buy finished cable assemblies, please check out our cable assembly quote page.

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