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Web Changes

This is where we'll announce the most recent additions to our web site. If you've visited us before and want to know what's changed, take a look here first.

**Please visit our new online Store to check prices, request quotes, find datasheets and place orders for in stock items **


New from Micro-Coax. Lightweight Braided EMI Shield. To request more information for up to 85% weight savings in your EMI Braiding click here .

New from Suhner - Fiber Optic Cables and Connectors. Catalog information and help with custom applications available.

New- Cable Assembly Inventory Listing featuring 9 different Standard 18 GHz Flexible Microwave Cable Assemblies in 36", 48" and 72" lengths with SMA and or type N Connectors. Also Tight Right-Angle SMA Semi-Rigid Cable Assemblies are in stock as well as Flexible RF/Microwave and Semi-Rigid Cable Assemblies.

New - 2.9mm 2-Hole Receptacle Connectors from SRI Connector Gage Company have arrived!  See bottom of SRI Connector Inventory Listing.

New from Suhner - QN Coaxial Connector Series. A  Snap-lock interface based on the inner dimensions of the standard N connector. Increased packaging density with easier and faster mating. Request a new QN Connector Catalog in Print or CD.

Lots of new connector options have recently been added to our Cable Assemby Request Form. Check it out by just Clicking on  Products, then Cable Assemblies and finally on the Assembly Quotes button.

Check out our latest Application Note on Miniature Flexible and Semi-Rigid Cable Assemblies by clicking on Products and scrolling down just below "Cable Assemblies".

New - M-FLEXTM, Low Cost, 18 GHz Flexible Microwave Cable from Micro-CoaxR, Inc. See bottom of Standard Semi-Rigid Cable Stock Listing.

New - Rosenberger connectors. See bottom section of the More Stock Listing.

New -  MICROSTOCK Adapters and Connectors. Check More Stock Listing.

We have added 4 new Hand Formable UTiFORMTM Cables to our  Standard Semi-Rigid Cable Stock listing ranging from 0.047" diameter to 0.250" diameter. Scroll just past the last Semi-Rigid Cable - UT-250A-TP-M17.

Our Standard Semi-Rigid Cable Stock Listing is updated weekly.

Our Custom Semi-Rigid Cable Stock Listing is updated weekly.

Our Suhner & SRI Coaxial Connector & Adapter Stock Listing is updated weekly.



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Last modified: July 02, 2010